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Discover the secrets of pasta with the help of an expert Apulian grandmother, anyone who visits Puglia brings with them a piece of its culinary tradition: fresh Apulian pasta and, above all, orecchiette

Are you looking for a course to learn how to prepare fresh Apulian pasta during your holiday in Puglia? Then we have a wonderful teaching experience to recommend, ideal for couples, families and children. At Villa Merlata there is a very special lady, Mrs. Anna who is proud to teach, to anyone who is willing and patient, the preparation of typical Apulian pasta shapes. So if you have the curiosity and the desire to discover a typical food of the Apulian gastronomic tradition, this is the right experience for you. Learn while having fun, surrounded by the typical warmth of us from Puglia! Orecchiette are almost a symbol of Puglia, they are a must for those who come to visit us. For this reason we have decided to live and let you live the experience of preparing fresh Apulian pasta. We have chosen as “teacher” one of the custodians of this culinary tradition: Mrs. Anna, who will reveal one of her secret recipes to prepare the authentic orecchiette. Grandmothers in Puglia have always prepared fresh pasta at home every Sunday. Mrs. Anna is an example of this. With her and some of our Korean guests we relived the Sunday experience of preparing orecchiette. It is not difficult to learn how to do them, it is difficult if anything to do it with the speed and naturalness with which Anna does it. But hers is an experience accumulated over 50 years of hard housework! Anna showed us everything, from how the mass is made to prepare the pasta to how the single orecchietta is made. She was patient and determined but she also made us smile with her typical Apulian sympathy and hospitality.

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