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“See the sea”: an underwater photography competition – Torre Guaceto

An underwater photography competition to celebrate the beauty of the Torre Guaceto Nature Reserve.

From 27 to 29 September, the Brindisi protected area will be the protagonist of the “See the sea” competition, organized by the WWF Brindisi and the Torre Guaceto Management Consortium within the program “Developing and strengthening effective management of Specially Protected Areas of ‘Mediterranean Importance (ASPIM)’ of the Regional Activity Center for Specially Protected Areas (SPA / RAC), component of the United Nations Action Plan for the Mediterranean, funded by the Ministry of the Environment.

The objective of the competition lies in the promotion of the Reserve through the sustainable opening of the protected area to experts in underwater photography. Participation in “See the sea”, in fact, will be open to a maximum of twenty photographers in possession of a patent for diving in ARA or certification of an agonist athlete issued by FIPSAS / CMAS and the object of artistic achievements will be life in the sea of Torre Guaceto.

Those who register for the competition will take part in two dives lasting ninety minutes each and will be able to create an unlimited number of photos. The themes in the competition will be: environment, fish, macro and split.

Subsequently, the jury will evaluate the images and will be awarded the five authorities will have created the most beautiful and representative photos of the MPA environments.

“See the sea” was designed to be a competition that aims to bring out the best underwater photographer, but also, and above all, to create an opportunity for aggregation between those who love and practice photography and respect the sea.

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