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Dear Guests, welcome to Villa Merlata

Here is some information about our house and some rules that we ask you to follow during your stay:

Internet connection wifi password: dmoywioy

Coordinates of the house in Ostuni: 40.695667, 17.601812

Electricity In the villa we have two electricity lines, a switch box is located in the living room, another is outside under the steps leading up to the roof of the terrace.

Tap water is not drinkable, but you can use it for cooking

Residence Regulations
1. Check-in is from 16:00 to 20:30 on the day of arrival; check-out from 8:00 to 10:00 on the last day of stay.
We ask our kind Guests to let us know their arrival time in order to better organize the reception, which includes a welcome drink. In the case of check-in after the scheduled time, you are asked to pay the Assistant an acknowledgment of Euro 30. In the case of check-in after 00:00, it is mandatory to pay the Assistant the sum of Euro 100.

2. It is a condition that, for the handover of the Residence, at the time of check-in all the guests of the house already indicated at the time of booking are present, with valid identity documents (including minors), to be correctly registered .
People other than those mentioned above will not be admitted, unless this has been previously agreed with the Property, which in this case reserves the right to apply a surcharge.

3. It is forbidden to smoke indoors.
In respect of the Guests who will come after you, we ask that the large outdoor spaces be exploited, taking care to put the butts in the appropriate ashtrays that you will find distributed throughout the Residence.

4. It is forbidden to unload cigarette butts, kitchen paper, wet wipes, contraceptive precautions, sanitary napkins and diapers, make-up remover pads, cotton swabs, used oils and cooking leftovers, as well as any other object and / or liquid not in the toilet. compatible with the correct functioning of the drains.

5. Ostuni is a windy place, so in the event of wind or rain (even if it is not that strong), the umbrella must be closed in order to prevent it from breaking and moving cushions and furnishings that could get damaged. (we will check them at every check-in and check-out)

6. If anything gets damaged or broken, please let us know immediately. Sometimes we need to quickly restore the house for the next tenant and if something takes time to replace or repair, we would prefer to know as quickly as possible, any shortages, damage or problems of the Residence and / or its appurtenances / installations / structures / furnishings / accessories or objects present in the same must be reported by the Tenant and, as attributable to the Guests, will be charged to the Tenant.
In any case, within 7 days from the return of the Residence, the Assistant will proceed to check it and notify the Tenant of the presence of problems, damages, shortcomings, etc., quantifying as soon as possible the amount of compensation that he will be required to pay for same. The Tenant hereby unreservedly authorizes the Owner to deduct this amount in the first place from the security deposit and, if it is not sufficient, undertakes to pay the remainder in the manner that will be indicated by the Property for this purpose.

7. The security deposit will be returned by bank transfer to the current account indicated in the tourist rental contract, within 7 days from the outcome of the verification referred to in the previous point, taking into account the measure resulting from this and on condition that all the keys of the residence upon check-out.
In the event of damage exceeding € 500, the Property will ask the Guests for compensation for the damage in the amount equal to the cost of repair and / or replacement.

8. The reduction of the cost of the stay is excluded in the event that some objects / appliances present inside the Residence are temporarily not working. In any case, the Property Assistant will always be available for any problem and will resolve it as quickly as possible.

9. Guests are required to allow access to the Residence by the persons in charge of the Property for the control of the swimming pool and / or extraordinary maintenance at the Residence itself, which will be agreed in advance in order to cause the least possible inconvenience.

10. It is forbidden for minors under the age of 18 to stay in the Residence without the presence of at least 1 adult.

11. Collect waste separately, you will find bags and baskets for the following 5 types of waste: plastic and metal, paper, glass, wet and non-recyclable waste. When the containers are full, please put them in the bins you will find at the gate.

12. Home security Close doors when you leave the house. The Villa is equipped with an alarm system and a safe. Giovanni will explain how they work.

13. It is not allowed to use the wood oven in the outdoor kitchen without pizza chefs. If you want to use it, please let us know a few days in advance so that we can check the availability of the pizza chefs.

14. When using candles, to avoid damaging the floor or furniture with wax, place something heat-resistant under them each time.

15. It is absolutely forbidden to feed wild animals.

16. At the time of check-out, you are kindly asked to completely empty the fridge / freezer and to free the kitchen cabinets.

17. It is possible to request extra paid services (for example additional cleaning, chef / pizza chef at home, transfer shuttles, etc.) with costs that will be quantified and budgeted on request.

18. The playground can only be used under adult supervision, is suitable for children of at least 3 years old and weighing less than 30 kg (66 lbs). The owners of Villa Merlata decline any responsibility for any damage that may occur in the playground.

Swimming pool regulation
 It is strictly forbidden to bring animals into the pool.
It is strictly forbidden to introduce objects or substances into the pool that could damage it (also with reference to drains and filters).
It is strictly forbidden to enter the pool without first rinsing the feet from any residues of earth / grass / crushed stone.
 The use of coloring bronzers that would damage the cloth is strictly forbidden.
 In the early hours of the morning, with prior notice, a weekly cleaning by an add

Emergency numbers Police 113 Fire brigade 115 Ambulance 118 Carabinieri 112
Ostuni Hospital in Via Villafranca +39 0831309111
Owners: Marco +39 3394182233 Pasquale +39 3397955502
For any further assistance or information call Mr. Giovanni at the following numbers +39 340 9796591 or +39 0831 19 87 632
We thank you for your attention and wish you more 

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