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Visit Ostuni in 1 day with a tour sharing [walking tour]

Ostuni is a really interesting stop for all tourists visiting Italy and spending some time in Puglia. Better yet, take one of our walking tour. This kind of excursion gives you the chance to stroll through the characteristic narrow streets in the company of other tourists and share with them all the emotions to be felt along this adventure.

Nestled in the Valle d’Itria, Ostuni is called the “White City” because all the buildings in its historic center, whether they are houses or monuments, are painted in white lime or whitewashed from the roof down.

Along the very narrow alleys, making the city even more fascinating, at the highest point is the imposing Cattedrale di Santa Maria dell’Assunzione, a cathedral dedicated to the Saint Mary of the Assumption.

History, sea and magic are alternated in this tour; all of elements are just steeping in the old village of Ostuni, from the flavours and smells, typical of this territory. We’ll also taste a delicious artisan ice cream.

Our excursion is even more enchanting thanks to the wonderful setting which surrounds the city; the Ostuni sea. It has been awarded with several “Blue Flags” and has been declared as “the cleanest in Italy”.



  • Explore the historic city center
  • Visit the Cathedral
  • Discover Ostuni and its history
  • Meet and share this experience with others
  • Taste some great ice cream or gelato


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