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The Madonna della Nova Sanctuary in Ostuni and the Representation Room of Palazzo Montenegro, in Brindisi, open to the public during the autumn appointment with the autumn days Fai (Itaiano Environment Fund), scheduled for Saturday 12 and Sunday 13 October. The protagonists, even in this new edition of the initiatives dedicated to the enhancement of the Italian historical and cultural heritage, will be young people.


Fai Days in Brindisi and Ostuni Saturday 12 and Sunday 13 October ” “The FAI – says a note from the Fund – has always had young people at heart: they are the Cicerone Apprentices, who, as part of a training project, take care of some visits to the Fair Heritage and some opening of the Spring Days, they are the boys of the schools to whom the Mattine Fai of Winter are dedicated, and it is above all the Fai Giovani Groups, absolute protagonists of one of the most important events of the Foundation, the FAI Autumn Days, this year dedicated to Giacomo Leopardi and to the Infinite on the occasion of the bicentenary of poetry “. Next weekend, therefore, thanks to the efforts of the Fai Giovani Groups – with the support of Delegations and Fai Groups – they select, organize and recount the openings, it will be possible to visit 700 places that are little known and inaccessible throughout Italy: a weekend in which the FAI kids will take the Italians by the hand and lead them to the discovery of their rich cultural heritage, thanks to 140 thematic itineraries and special openings in 260 cities.


Fai Days in Brindisi and Ostuni Saturday 12 and Sunday 13 October
For the FAI, taking care of the new generations means above all taking care of their future. For years the Foundation has been working to make its Goods sustainable from the energy point of view and in October 2019, with awareness of the great attention that the climate emergency requires, dedicates “Remember to save Italy”, the great campaign national fundraising, to support this objective: on the website until 20 October the special registration fee of 29 euros will be dedicated to new subscribers instead of 39. In a historic moment in which the commitment in favor of environmental sustainability and the development of an ecological conscience is crucial, the purpose of the FAI is twofold: on the one hand the Fondazionesi aims to reduce CO² emissions by no more than 15% by 2023 as per the objective set in the 2014 strategic plan but by 20 %, strengthened by the results already achieved – from 2014 to 2018 the FAI Assets issued 139 tons less of CO²; on the other it intends to develop an educational project to communicate to visitors the virtuous and repeatable actions implemented in the Goods. By favoring the implementation of cutting-edge technologies and contributing to raising awareness of these issues, it is possible to invest in the future of the art, culture and landscape of this country, which must project forward with respect for the environment.







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