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Thirteen Blue Flags for Puglia: Ostuni confirms the 25th!

Delivery to Rome, Ostuni confirms the 25th Blue Flag. Ostuni is confirmed as the blue flag for the 25th time, delivered this morning in Rome. For the municipality of Ostuni, the manager ing. Federico Ciraci. Overall, Puglia sees a new entry this year, Maruggio (in the Tarantino), but also loses two locations: Melendugno (Lecce) and Rodi Garganico (Foggia), thus passing from the 14 ‘medals’ of last year to 13 in 2019 The places awarded in Puglia are: Polignano, Carovigno, Fasano and Ostuni, Margherita di Savoia, Peschici, Zapponeta, Castro, Otranto, Salve, Castellaneta, Ginosa, Maruggio. The ‘Blue flags’ are awarded annually by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) based on the 32 sustainability criteria (from the quality of the water to the separate collection). In Italy, a total of 183 municipalities were awarded this year, 8 more than the 175 last year, 12 are the new entries, while 4 have left.

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